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Hard enamel Lapel Pin Badges


Hard Enamel lapel pin badges are made to a jewellery quality finish.  The badge is highly polished to give it a bright shiny finish.


Hard Enamel lapel pin badges are die struck from a sheet of high quality metal.  The die creates impressions of your design and leaves raised outlines that separates each colour.   The separated portions of the design are hand filled with the required colours using a powdered colour mixture.  The badge is then fired in a kiln at high temperature which gives the Hard Enamel Badge it's unmistakable quality.

Harley davidson pin badge hartley witley lapel pin badge wtenwald pin badge

Die Struck Soft Enamel Lapel Pin Badges are produced after a Die is cut to the image of your design.


The design image is then stamped onto a sheet of high quality metal and the badge is cut out to the required shape of the design.  

The badge is plated in either a copper, nickel or gold finish.

The recessed areas from the stamping process are hand filled with enamel in the required colours leaving raised metal surfaces which are polished and give the badge a 3D effect.


The Soft Enamel badge is the most popular choice for our custom lapel pin badges, it offers a great looking badge at a reasonable price.


Soft Enamel Badges can be produced in colour and with no colour.  Samples as shown below.

Soft Enamel Die Struck Lapel Pin Badges.

Fish tour pin badge Moose pin badge Hot air balloon pin badge Clown lapel pin badge hand of love pin badge Stampin up sales pin badge koala pin badge


The badge shape is cut out of the metal strip and given a background colouring and epoxy coated to take the printed design.

Your design requirement are printed using a screen printing process and the completed badge is lacquer coated to protect the image surface.

Printed Lapel Badges can reproduce intricate designs that die struck badges are unable to achieve.

Printed Lapel Pin Badges

football shirt pin badge storm lapel pin badge pin badges in different sizes and shapes

Any Shape or size

trainer pin badge hambiurger pin badge